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Our Brand Story

When our journey started, back in 2018, we went through a process of exploring our brand personality, defining our values, understanding our approach to skilling for employment generation, and delving deep into the core of what makes us effective and impactful. We spoke to the potential partners in the private and public sector and came to understand that our approachable, adaptive team; flair for creative and innovative design-thinking; and commitment to going above and beyond in the delivery of results is what make us a trust-worthy partner to work with. As a team, our source of joy and pride comes from taking on ambitious goals; driving dynamic collaborations and synergies; enabling collective learning within the team internally and with our partners, and beyond.

Our brand embodies the spirit of young Nepalis, especially women and people from disadvantaged groups, empowered by enhanced access to market-led skilling, higher employability, productive jobs, and improved savings. Our brand weaves the stories of migrant workers--the economic backbone of the country--who we are supporting through expanded industry-driven skilling and certification opportunities and access to financial products for optimized migration and enterprise start-ups. Our brand represents a shift towards an industry-led skilling and employment creation paradigm, marking an important innovation to address key systemic gaps in the labor and job market. We envision an inclusive, innovative and productive economy enabled through skilled human resources, from the investments and collaborations brokered and unlocked by UKaid सीप from the private and public sector.


UKaid सीप is committed to excellence and to driving progress to build a more equitable and inclusive job market through industry-led collaborations and investments that drive productivity, growth, and resilience for firms, various market actors, and the people of Nepal. Achieving the outcomes and impact of UKaid सीप and its market-based partnerships, requires awareness, recognition, and support from the private sector, Government of Nepal, the British Embassy Kathmandu, NGOs, media, and the Nepali public--our key clients. 

We tell our story as we go, creating space for various employment and migration actors and institutions in and outside Nepal to understand and learn from the progress, impacts, learnings, and best practices that are unfolding as a result of our work. To replicate, scale, and amplify results.

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We are ever growing and evolving in exciting ways in our journey. Our visual identity embodies the collaborative approach that we, and our clients value. Learn more about the rationale behind our logo.