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Fusemachines is on a mission to democratise Artificial Intelligence (AI) by providing access to AI education and resources on a global scale. Fusemachines trains students from underserved communities in AI and build teams from the best graduates to work on cutting edge AI products and AI services for companies globally. These students are then hired by Fusemachines and/or converted into globally-employable AI Engineers. The company currently has offices in New York, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Kathmandu. Launched in July 2019, UKaid Skills for Employment Programme’s (सीपʼs) partnership with Fusemachines is enabling accessibility to world-class, affordable AI training, certification and high-value jobs via the state-of-the-art Fuse AI Center for Research and Training in Kathmandu, and through partner colleges, with focus on applicants from Province 2 and Province 5.

During the pilot, Fusemachines is testing, iterating, and refining its training delivery approach and modules – sixmonth curriculum tied to a Micromasters, a more comprehensive 1-year curriculum tied to a Micromasters Degree from its Fusemachines AI Center in Kathmandu, and a six-month Foundations in AI course from partner colleges – as needed to maximise impact and scale. This speaks to the overall vision and ambition of the company to introduce quality, affordable AI training in Nepal. To date, with support from UKaid सीप, a total of 225 students are enrolled in AI Courses, following which successful students will be guaranteed placements in Fusemachines or other IT employers in Nepal. By the end of 2020, Fusemachines aims to skill, certify, and place 500 Nepalis – with focus on applicants from Province 2 and 5 – in highly skilled, high-value jobs. This partnership has the potential to reach and empower about 4,500 youth by 2022.(Read more)