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Palpali Dhaka Association

UKaid Skills for Employment (सीप) Programme’s partnership with the Palpali Dhaka Association (PDA) is designed to support revival of the Palpali Dhaka industry for sustainable job/self-employment creation and enterprise growth. UKaid सीप’s support, augmented by co-funding from the Lumbini Province and Tansen Municipality, catalysed creation of the PDA, comprising of nine small to mid-sized firms, in early 2020.

The Dhaka fabric, that originated from Palpa District of Lumbini Province in Nepal, holds a special significance amongst Nepalis. The industry—once vibrant and thriving—started facing a critical shortage of artisans due to out-migration of workers. Those who have continued weaving are largely engaged on a part-time basis. As labourers are attracted to higher wages elsewhere, there was an urgent need to revive the industry by building a skilled artisan base, and by making the industry and its fabric attractive to both weavers and emerging national and global consumers. Nepali weavers do not usually receive formal training because they are expected to learn from peers while on the job. (Read more...)