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Nepal is a world leader in production of modern handmade carpets. The global luxury markets for interior design hold the country’s hand-knotted carpets in high rank. Since more than 50 years, Kathmandu has been renowned as a creative hub and innovation laboratory for high-end contemporary woven artisanry. Over the last decade, Kathmandu’s booming real estate market put pressure on the production locations, with rising costs and labour shortages. Label STEP’s engagement with industries indicated that decentralizing parts of the production would take away some of the pressure from the industry—made possible thanks to the manufacturers’ treasure trove of knowledge and experience and the help of modern communication technology.

UKaid सीप's partnership with Label STEP is designed to revitalize Nepal’s high-value carpet industry by taking carpet manufacturing hub from Kathmandu to an underserved geographic area—Sarlahi in Madhesh Province that has traditionally served as the origin of Nepal’s weaving community. During the scale-up phase that started in June 2022, the partnership is not only expanding decent, attractive jobs with fair trade standard working conditions to job seekers in the socioeconomically disadvantaged regions, it is is also ensuring the long-term sustainability of the industry. (Read More)