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Genese Solution

Affiliated with the U.K. based Phuyal Limited Company, Genese Solution specialises in cloud computing ecosystem and web/software development for tech and non-tech companies. Its services over 90 companies in Nepal, and in Asia and Europe more broadly. Genese is Nepal’s first and only Amazon Consulting Partner to provide authorised Amazon Web Services (AWS) support and services. In 2018, it initiated the Genese Cloud Academy (GCA) to equip graduating students with globally-recognised online training tools and and certification, coupled with in-person mentoring from Genese, to build their work-readiness and ensure companies in Nepal have access to the skilled workforce they need to graduate to and use cloud computing. Launched in August 2019, UKaid Skills for Employment Programme’s (सीपʼs) partnership with Genese Solution is facilitating access to and adoption of globally-recognised cloud computing and certification via partner academic institutes in Province 2, Province 5, Province 3 and Province 4, followed by job placements in Nepal and globally.

To date, with support from UKaid सीप, over 2,000 youth have been mobilised/oriented/trained/in training from 36 partner colleges in Provinces 2, 3, 4 and 5, and 172 have been placed in jobs. By the end of 2020, Genese will impart and institute market-relevant cloud computing expertise (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others) in these academic colleges together with skilling, certification for at least 2,000 Nepalese youth, and job placements in Nepal and globally for at least 80% of the successful candidates using Genese and its partner networks and platforms such as Amazon’s global jobs portal. This partnership has the potential to train and employ about 6,000 by 2022.(Read more...)