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Upaya: CityCargo

UKaid Skills for Employment (सीप) Programme’s partnership with Upaya: CityCargo is designed to build digitally-literate and-connected Nepalis who can reap the benefits of the country’s transition to a digital economy in the logistic sector, while connecting smallholder farmers directly with consumers—eliminating the need for middlemen—through Upaya’s agri-food tech partner DV Excellus Kheti. Among others, this partnership proposes an approach that builds on and expands its efforts to collectively raise digital awareness, incentivize and accelerate adoption of digital services, including internet connectivity, and stimulate digital skilling and livelihoods for rural-based youth, enterprise start-up, and growth for MSMEs — pivotal for last mile delivery, especially in view of COVID-19 for rural economies to recover. Upaya: CityCargo, entered the market in April 2019 with a tech-based on-demand, intra-city logistics service. Upaya’s system aggregates logistics demand and closes information gaps. Read More