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Upaya: CityCargo

Upaya: CityCargo’s partnership with the UKaid Skills for Employment (सीप) Programme is designed to build digitally-literate and-connected Nepalis who are able to reap the benefits of the country’s transition to a digital economy. Nepal is headed towards a digital disruption along the lines of the post-Jio scenario in India and the dot com boom in the United States. Internet penetration is on the rise and the use of ecommerce is growing at an impressive rate. Promising e-based startups are creating a mark. Tech enabled logistics providers, a critical pillar of the e-commerce ecosystem, was however missing.

Upaya: CityCargo, entered the market in April 2019 to fill this void with a tech-based on-demand, intra-city logistics service. Upaya’s system aggregates logistics demand and closes information gaps; when a trip is requested, drivers nearest to the customers—tracked on a real time basis using geolocation—are assigned the trip to ensure quick turnaround. UKaid सीप’s partnership is also helping propel Upaya’s foray into agriculture. Upaya has made a strategic investment in DVExcellus ("Kheti"), an online marketplace for farm products and provider of end-to-end solutions for farmers and small agri-enterprises, to connect farmers directly with consumers (eliminating the need for middlemen), bringing farmers into the fold of ecommerce (Read more...)