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Demonstrated Replicable PPP Model Catalyzing Inclusive Job Growth and Industry Resurgence: The Case of the Palpali Dhaka

Since 2019, to catalyze resurgence and sustained growth of the Palpali Dhaka industry for inclusive job creation, UKaid Skills for Employment (SEP) programme, with support from the Lumbini Province and Tansen Municipality, has supported the co-creation of and co-funding for the Palpali Dhaka Association (PDA). Comprising of nine firms, SEP’s multi-stakeholder partnership with PDA provided a coordinated platform to improve and institutionalize stronger skilling practices, through standardized three-month apprenticeship-based curriculum on weaving, business literacy, and soft skills and enhanced trainer skills; and other interlinked productivity-enabling interventions. The programme brought a systemic “constraint-addressing 360° solution” lens to the key challenges endured by the industry. ( Read more...)