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Ghumti Rojgari Pasal Launched in Janakpur

It is the first time in Nepal that a mobile employment services has come to a practice.

On 6th November 2019, UKaid Skills for Employment Programme (सीप) partner Rojgari Services Pvt. Ltd launched the first of its kind Ghumti Rojgari Pasal in Janakpur. Ghumti Rojgari Pasal is a mobile employment service centre where companies/individuals can place a demand of workers and semi-literate or illiterate youth and women can easily access information on job placement within Nepal. The Ghumti Rojgari Pasal also promotes jobs, targeting women and youth who are not aware of the job opportunities in that locality. It is the first time in Nepal that a mobile employment services has come to a practice.

The Ghumti Rojgari Pasal was launched by Lal Kishor Sah, Mayor of Janakpur, who expressed his delight on the upcoming opportunities for people in Janakpur. Baljit Vohra, Team Leader of UKaid सीप also opined on how this mobile employment service has the potential to increase access to greater number of jobs for local job seekers. Ghumti Rojgari Pasal will rotate and travel through key areas with unmet need and high concentration of job seekers to encourage enrollment in Rojgari’s database.

Rojgari Services empowers Nepali job seekers, particularly semi-literate and illiterate youth, with information on jobs, career counselling, soft skills training, vocational training – on-the-job at partner employers or via partner training institutes – and employment match-making. Rojgari primarily enlists job seekers and employers through an online portal and Rojgari Pasals, a brick and mortar employment shop. In collaboration with UKaid सीप, it aims to deploy mobile Ghumti Rojgari Pasal and establish new disable-friendly Rojgari Pasals in Birgunj, Province 2, and Nepalgunj, Province 5, along with improved performance through existing Rojgari Pasals in Kathmandu, Province 3, Pokhara, Gandaki Province, and Itahari, Province 1 to serve underserved job seekers and employers.