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Hosting Ben Mellor, Indo-Pacific Director for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office at Jagadamba Spinning Mill

Greetings from a serene and sunny Lumbini! Today (8 December, Wednesday), we had the pleasure and privilege of showcasing our enterprise growth-based skilling and job creation efforts in the yarn industry with Ben Mellor, Indo-Pacific Director for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and other British Embassy colleagues from Kathmandu including Cynthia Rowe, the Head of Governance Team and Camilla Sugden, Deputy Director. Some highlights:

  • Jagadamba’s Diwas Neupane and team explained how the industry is striving to raise the bar on #job creation through wider adoption of the apprenticeship-based skilling and productivity-enhancing model—tested, refined, and now being scaled. Neupane highlighted the value of सीप’s support for the industry to expand and retain its quality workforce and outlined their plans to replicate several of the proven ‘best practices’ across other firms that are also part Saurab Group of companies.
  • The visiting delegate witnessed how UKaid सीप enabled Jagdamba Spinning Mill to OPEN its DOOR for WOMEN in 2020—for the FIRST TIME in the factory’s 16-year history—through co-investment and targeted technical assistance.
  • UKaid सीप’s partnership with the Nepal Yarn Manufacturers Association (NYMA) is an important #CaseStudy. सीप is working with industry leaders/firms like Jagadamba Spinning Mill and others to demonstrate a viable, scalable approach to bolstering organization capabilities and sectoral growth—for continued expansion of reliable and inclusive jobs and industries.

Many thanks for hosting us, Jagadamba Spinning Mill! We’re excited about the expansion plans coming up.