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Resurgence & Inclusive Growth of Hand-woven Palpali Dhaka, a local Heritage Product, with New Brand & Collections

UKaid सीप, Palpali Dhaka Association and Tansen Municipality Partnership Enables Heritage Revival, Inclusive Job Creation, and Opening New Markets for Palpali Dhaka.

Today, at a special private engagement in Kathmandu, British Ambassador Nicola Pollitt, Finance Secretary Madhu Marasini joined celebrities Rajesh Hamal and other prominent stakeholders to connect with and celebrate the innovations and resurgence of Palpali Dhaka—through unveiling of a new-age brand Palpali together with fabric and product collections, covering heritage; home-décor; and fashion 2022. An indigenous hand-woven fabric that originated in Tansen in Lumbini Province, Palpali Dhaka, over the last two years, is on the path to revitalization and re-positioning in local and international markets, with support from the UKaid Skills for Employment (सीप) Programme.

Press Release (English)

Press Release (Nepali)