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Nepal Yarn Manufacturers' Association and UKaid सीप’S Partnership Contributes to Inclusive Job Creation and Industry Transformation Unveiling of industry-led curricula and model for structured apprenticeship-based job creation

[15 April, 2021, Kathmandu] The British Ambassador to Nepal Nicola Pollitt, Chairperson of Nepal Yarn Manufacturers’ Association (NYMA) Pawan Golyan, came together with the UKaid Skills for Employment Programme (सीप), today, to commemorate the impacts of the सीप-NYMA partnership and reflect on the way forward–for sustained job creation and industry transformation of the yarn industry. NYMA and सीप’s multi-factory partnership, since November 2019, has enabled quality job-linked skilling and employment for nearly 4,000 workers and improved factory capability at the Triveni Spinning Mill, Jagadamba Spinning Mill, Reliance Spinning Mill, Tricot Industry, and Jaya Spinning Mill.( View More )