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Stimulating Productivity and Growth of Farmers and Agri-enterprises

Meet Sandip Adhikari, 23, from Sainamaina Municipality in Rupandehi. Sandip opted to start an agri-enterprise at his home-village instead of migrating abroad. In 2019, while preparing to migrate in search of better earnings, he learnt about Shreenagar Agrofarm’s skilling-based livelihood services…his plans, and prospects, since then, have greatly transformed.

Equipped with entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills and market linkages from Shreenagar Agro, in July this year, Sandip (pictured below) established an agri-outlet of his own. This outlet supplies day-old chicks, eggs, poultry and livestock feed, that are procured from Shreenagar, for local farmers. His monthly turn-over is already at about NPR 150,000; and profits at least NPR 30,000. Encouraged by these initial results, Sandip plans to expand his warehouse and scale further; his efforts are extending essential service/products for farmers, bridging a major supply-chain gap.

And therefore…Here's an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT

Our partnership with Shreenagar is expanding. We recently confirmed a scale-up decision, given the progress, lessons, evidence, and impacts that unfolded through our joint efforts over the pilot period. Like Sandip, Shreenagar is supporting many young Nepalis with practical skilling (covering areas like hatchery management, feed mill management, commercial boiler and layers; commercial maize farming) and other essential market linkages for them to partake in the agri-economy, stimulating farmer and agri-enterprise productivity and growth from agriculture. 

In this recent case study, we delved into how our work is catalyzing innovations and collaborations in the agriculture sector for systemic improvements: Look out for more insights and information as the scale-up phase of our partnership with Shreenagar Agro ramps up! 

What to learn more about Shreenagar’s plans with सीप in the scale-up phase, to get involved or invested? Contact Dinesh Chhetri < / 9824449684>