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UKaid सीप SkillMatters Bulletin: August – September 2021

Funded by the UK Government, UKaid सीप, is brokering transformational partnerships with the private and public sector to propel growth of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in priority sectors – commercial agriculture, light manufacturing, tourism, ICT, and construction – primarily in Province 2 and Lumbini Province.सीप uses an innovative Challenge Fund to expand market aligned skilling, affordable financial products, and ethical migration services linked to gainful livelihoods for Nepalis and support transformation and growth within industries.

Revival of Palpali Dhaka Fabric Underway—for Expanded Local Jobs and Sustained Industry
The Dhaka fabric, which originated from Palpa District of Lumbini Province, holds a special significance amongst Nepalis. The industry—once vibrant and thriving—started facing a critical shortage of artisans once out-migration of workers turned ubiquitous. Those who continued weaving were engaged on a part-time basis, affecting the level of productivity at factories. As laborer got attracted to higher wages elsewhere, there was an urgent need to revive the industry by building a skilled artisan base and making the industry and its fabric attractive—to both weavers and emerging national and global consumers. (Read more ..)