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Upaya Launches Two-wheeler Delivery Service—Bolstering Inclusive Jobs and Logistics Market

To enable its vision to be the logistics backbone of digital Nepal, Upaya: CityCargo with UKaid सीप’s support, officially launched its two-wheeler delivery services in Pokhara and Kathmandu this September 2021, adding to its existing four-wheeler delivery capabilities. सीप partnership with Upaya is designed to accelerate and strengthen its digitally powered intervention to spur growth of e-commerce and address systemic logistics gaps in the supply chains for various sectors (like agriculture and manufacturing) by building digitally literate workers and transforming self-employment pathways.

"Our community is excited to know that they will have the opportunity to get decent work through Upaya. This self-employment opportunity will help enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. This will also have an impact on our self-esteem” - Hem Bahadur Gurung, Chairperson, Independent Living Centre, Pokhara

"With introduction of 2-wheeler delivery, Upaya can complete its last-and middle-mile delivery service for small businesses and individuals," highlighted Suman Rayamajhi, Upaya’s Chairperson at a recent event. With technical inputs from सीप, Upaya is working towards an inclusive, green and accelerated growth.

The two-wheeler delivery market is well-positioned to flourish in the next decade given the number of two-wheelers plying on the road; increase in delivery needs of e-commerce and the brick-and-mortar companies; and evolving buying behavior of consumers which has led to e-commerce-based purchases and digital transactions. E-commerce needs the support of last-mile logistics to ensure efficient delivery of goods and. Two-wheelers provide ideal delivery solution for B2C purchases, which tend to be under 20 kgs as they are cost-effective and can navigate urban traffic congestions well. “With current 1.1 million two-wheelers registered in Bagmati Province and 2.8 million two-wheelers throughout Nepal, there are plenty of potential riders to meet the demand of the two-wheeler delivery market,” explains Nawang Sherpa, Project Manager at Upaya.

Snapshot of factors behind digital disruption in Nepal.

The two-wheeler delivery market provides a unique opportunity to include women, disadvantaged groups, and people with disabilities as rider partners. To further cement its commitment towards advancing gender and social inclusion, Upaya has partnered with organizations working with women, LGBTIQ+, and People with Disabilities.  During its recent launch in Pokhara, Upaya signed a partnership with the Independent Living Center (CIL) to provide self-employment opportunities for people with disabilities as Upaya's rider partners. Through new-gained skills, PwDs can embrace digital technologies and partake more fully in the digital economy. Upaya is also able to facilitate financing through bank partners to increase access to finance and self-employment opportunities for PwDs, women, and other groups in need.

Watch this deliberation moderated by Melisha Rajopadhaya, the Head of HR at Upaya, with UKaid सीप Team Leader Baljit Vohra and Upaya City:Cargo Chairperson Suman Rayamajhi on how UKaid सीप - Upaya partnership is working to make the logistics and mobility space more inclusive.